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Nikita Y. Jackson, the creator of Tastefullydone Hometique, LLC began her journey over 14 years ago collecting eclectic and nostalgic pieces of art. Nikita particularly gravitated to those earthy succulents and candles her mother "Moe" especially enjoyed as gifts during recovery from her bouts with Sickle Cell Disease. Inspired by her "Muse Moe", a connection with people and the beauty of nature set the vision for Tastefullydone Hometique. Hometique is not just a business, its where individuals and groups receive health coaching and look forward to a holistic lifestyle change; its a destination for individuals to purchase unique conversational pieces that "break the ice," and offers a tapestry of pretty things that transforms a space with quirky whatnots, aromatic scents, and all things therapeutic. AND, it's an opportunity to raise money for Sickle Cell Disease every time you shop. It is Nikita's heart to yours, centered on living your best life good health, with natural "lively" things one meaningful sentiment at a time.

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