Tastefullydone Hometique is an online lifestyle and specialty boutique offering holistic coaching services and products to women and men.


Our Mission

We nurture and reignite the authentic star in our clients with "all things therapeutic,"  inspired by love, self-care and rooted in holistic centered living. 

It is our goal that our client's experience with us be intentional and personal; aimed at centering the mind, body and spirit for a  higher vibration through wellness services, including nutrition, movement, meditation, aromatic home fragrances, body brews and skincare products.



About the Owner

Hello, I'm Nikita – Your Health and Wellness Coach. 

I have 25 years in training and teaching on leadership and organizational management and 14 of those years as a caregiver to my mother and health advocate for Sickle Cell Disease.

I am a graduate of Legacy Holistic Health Institute (LHHI). I was trained using evidence-based holistic methods to provide supportive mentoring to individuals seeking to transition to a healthy lifestyle. To this end, I use highly effective coaching techniques to look at your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs when we set goals.

My coaching philosophy stems from a close-up on your overall health, lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition IN PARTNERSHIP WITH your Physician. Your lifestyle consists of how you eat, live, spend your time, and relax and take care of yourself and your family.

My bottom line: I am incredibly passionate about wellness and impacting people's lives for the better. And for this reason, I coach women and men to stop wishing and start doing to overcome their health obstacles and enjoy better health. If you desire a flexible, self-paced approach to a healthier, more balanced life, let me be the first to WELCOME you HOME!  

I define home as the body. It is the place that houses your heart. It is your spiritual temple and sanctuary. It is the place you must keep sacred, healthy, at peace, in harmony and in high vibrations.