Our Mission

Our Mission

We nurture and reignite the authentic star in our clients with "all things holistic," inspired by self-motivation and self-care and rooted in holistic-centered living.

Our mission is to provide customized wellness services that target the mind, body, and spirit to enhance overall wellness vibration.

What we believe

Your body is your home. It is the place that houses your heart, your spiritual temple, and your sanctuary. It is the place you must keep sacred, healthy, at peace, in harmony, and with high vibrations.


Our Story

Nikita Y. Jackson is the founder of Tastefullydone Hometique. Her journey began 16 years ago when she started collecting eclectic and nostalgic art pieces. Nikita was particularly drawn to earthy succulents and candles, which her mother "Moe" loved as gifts during her recovery from challenges with Sickle Cell Disease. Inspired by her mother, Nikita found a connection between people and the beauty of nature, which set the vision for Tastefullydone Hometique.

Tastefullydone Hometique is not just a business, it's a destination for individuals looking to purchase pretty things that transform their living spaces with aromatic scents and all things therapeutic. Nikita's goal is to provide customers with a unique shopping experience that not only enhances their living spaces but also brings a sense of comfort and healing. Through Tastefullydone Hometique, she hopes to share her passion for self-care and wellness with others.