Brotherhood of Black Fathers Book of Affirmations on Health and Wellness

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Book Foreward

In this vibrant collective, The Brotherhood of Black Fathers, Nikita Jackson celebrates the positive impact and cultural significance of Black Men, their families and their various roles in society.  

Her plea to the Black Man for self-love, health, wellness and sound spiritual and psychological processing strikes an important note of care. 

~ Dr. S. Todd Townsend


If you are a Black man, or you knowlove or care about a Black man, this book is for YOU!  It is an undeniable fact today that the Black family is under attack.  To oppose this, we as Black men must launch a counteroffensive. 

We must realize that ideologies forced on us by external sources are not nearly as destructive as the self-imposed demons we harbor within ourselves.  We must take control of our destiny and develop the self-love and self-care we not only need but, more importantly, deserve.  

~Phillip W. Halstead, MD.


Book Excerpt:

“Daddy, what could have been so distracting that you would not try harder to fix us?” I asked. He said, “For starters, I was not in my right mind. I was stressed. I suffered from depression, and I was not living right.” He did not have to fill in the blanks.

Black Father, the most significant leverage to leaving a legacy to your family and those whose ear you have depends on you shifting your mindset about your health.

Get your body positioned to align with your spirit. Approach your health like you approach taking care of that car you’ve affectionately named, the pristine lawn you so carefully manicure, or that big problem on your job you have been assigned to tackle.

~Author, Nikita Y. Jackson